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Maximize Dairy Herd Performance

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Cowgenic is an always connected assistant that helps you understand & improve your cattle health and alerts you when any cow is in heat or develops a health problem

Welcome to Cowgenic, where precision farming meets dairy herd management. Our advanced technology allows you to monitor each cow in your herd with unparalleled accuracy, providing real-time reports on their activities and health. Put the power of precision farming on your side and unlock the full potential of your dairy operation.

  • improve cow health

    Improve your
    cattle health

  • increase productivity

    Run a more
    productive herd

  • increase productivity

    Make your farm
    operations efficient

Eating and Rumination Calculation

Effortless Cow Locating for Efficient Farm Management

heat detection for cows

Cowgenic's Cow Locating feature makes finding cows needing attention, insemination, treatment, or fetching easier and more time-saving than ever before. With one click on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, accurately track and follow the real-time position of individual or multiple cows on your barn map. Fully integrated with Heat Detection, Health Monitoring, and Herd Performance Trends.

Heat Detection

Enhance Reproduction Efficiency with Automated Heat Detection

heat detection for cows

Improve your breeding success with Cowgenic's Heat Detection feature. Automatically track signs of heat, such as increased activity, sniffing, chin resting, and mounting behavior. Receive a clear list of cows in heat and their optimal insemination moment for effective breeding. Identify cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows, and non-pregnant cows for targeted intervention."

Benefits: Higher conception rates, improved reproductive efficiency, increased breeding success.

Herd Performance Trends

Optimize Herd Performance with Data-driven Insights

heat detection for cows

Gain valuable insights into your herd's performance with Cowgenic's Herd Performance Trends feature. Understand how external factors and management decisions influence your herd's productivity. Receive alerts when abnormalities are detected, enabling you to respond promptly. Evaluate eating patterns, behavior averages, consistency, cycling rates, and performance. Assess the impact of feeding strategies, housing conditions, and milking procedures.

Benefits: Data-driven decision- making, improved performance, better herd health, optimized management strategies.

More efficient farm

Measure the impact of

  • humidity effect on cows


  • temperature effect on cows


  • feed effect on cows


measuring impact on cows

Seamless user experience

seamless user experience

Easy to visualise analytics help you understand the most serious challenges that you might be facing and help to gauge the effectiveness of remedial actions that you might be taking

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